Fair Starts In: 2022-08-03 08:00:00 GMT-05:00

4-H & Livestock


For more information contact Elizabeth Adams at 304-991-2172 or Alyson Carozza at 304-275-3101



Prizes varies (see individual departments)



  1. The objective of the Wirt County Fair is to promote interest in agriculture, homemaking and community life.

  2. Exhibits will be accepted only from Wirt County residents, students of Wirt County Schools or members from Wirt County organizations (NO OPEN CLASS FOR 2022) with the exception of open livestock divisions.

  3. Livestock exhibits must be entered between 4:00-8:00 p.m. Tuesday and are not to be removed before the closing day. Prize money will be forfeited by failing to follow this rule. Market animals will be removed starting Saturday morning of the fair.

  4. The committee assumes no responsibility in case of loss or damage to exhibit and upon this condition only are entries received.

  5. In order to enter an exhibit into the fair, the exhibitor must have an exhibitor's number from the fair office.

  6. In case of no competition in a class, the right is reserved to award a second or third place, if the exhibit is not worthy of a higher placing.

  7. No cash awards outside of those listed. Ribbons only, and only one set of ribbons, given per class.

  8. Exhibitors may only enter two market exhibits to be shown and sold. (NO OPEN CLASSES FOR 2022.) Additional animals may be shown in the open class.

  9. Junior exhibitor is defined as any youth who is a member of a Wirt County 4-H Club, a member of the Wirt County chapter of the Future Farmers of America, and/or other groups recognized by the Wirt County Fair Board.

  10. All animals must comply with health regulations of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.  Click here for a printable version.

  11. All animals must be in good health, well groomed and worthy of exhibiting. The fair committee reserves the right to reject any entry not meeting these conditions.

  12. The fair association will furnish housing space. The exhibitor must furnish feed, hay, feed boxes and water buckets. Straw for bedding will be available on the fair grounds for a nominal fee.

  13. The exhibitor will be required to keep their stall and space in clean condition by removing filth and litter, or may hire someone to do so. Prize money will be forfeited and a $50.00 fee assessed per animal if the stall is not cleaned after the animal is removed at the close of the fair.

  14. NO OPEN CLASSES FOR 2022. Nonresidents of Wirt County may enter only open division of Livestock with an entry fee of $3.00 per head exhibited and must purchase a Season Pass. All residents of Wirt County will be charged $3.00 per head for breeding animals exhibited.

  15. All livestock from Wirt County to be entered must be preregistered at the Wirt County Extension Office (Phone 304-275-3101) by June 1. A 4% per animal and for pen of 3 market rabbits sold fee will be deducted from the selling price.

  16. Livestock entries must be controlled by exhibitors to the point that they will not endanger other exhibitors. The Livestock and Barn Committee reserve the right to reject livestock entries which cannot be handled by the exhibitor. All cattle must have double ties in barn.

  17. The committee recommends cattle are vaccinated for shipping fever before traveling to the fair.

  18. Market livestock exhibitors will only be permitted to sell two (2) market animals.

  19. For competition in the livestock Showmanship, the animals must be owned and be shown by the exhibitor.

  20. Exhibitors will be expected to groom their own animal. No professional groomers will be allowed to help. Exhibitors may have the assistance of a parent or another family member (if parent is not available) to help control the animal, but washing and grooming should be done by the exhibitor,

  21. A one-dollar ($1.00) per head of beef, five cents (.05) per pound of sheep and forty cents (.40) per hundred dollars of hog sold will be charged to each exhibitor that participates in the livestock sale.  These fees go to the check off programs for the Beef, Sheep and Pork Boards.